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Discover the city of Maputo with a Local

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique, located in the South part of the country and it is near by the South Africa. Maputo is known as City of Acacias and its characteristic music – “Marabenta”. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Maputo, coming from France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Japan, Holland, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, China, and son on  from all over the world in fact! The biggest attraction of the tourists is the tropical weather (warm), delicious sea food, museums, sightseen, art and the beautiful beaches.

Once your journey is over, it's time to drop off your suitcases in a hotel room, a rented apartment (it is about 45 minutes from the airport to)  ... And very quickly, not to miss anything of the city of acacias, it will be the moment to start walking in Maputo to discover all the secrets on this.

Discover Maputo in a unusual way with a Local

In Maputo there are a lot of things to see, and some interesting places to discover. You never stop to be amazed whether by the beauty of places as the majestic Cathedral “Nossa Senhora da Conceição”, Iron House (designed by the same Architect who has designed the Eiffel Tower), the Maputo fortress, Tunduru garden that conserves some natives and rare plants, the peculiar Santo António da Polana church – known as lemon squeezer”, the emblematic Mozambique Rail Ways building!

But if the traditional tourists want to sightseen the past and modern art, can do it at Maputo fair where can find enormous varieties of arts such as paint, handmade objects (necklace, bracelets, key ring, smoking pipe). 

Why to visit Maputo with a local inhabitant?

The people from Maputo is a warm, hospitable and friendly,  their day by day is characterized by crowds and many vehicles in the rush hours, connecting home to work place and/or schools and vice-versa, meaning that the people is honest and worker.

The people like to spend their time on beaches in Maputo and their surroundings, participate in music and film festivals, such as the jazz festivals, Zouk, Modja, this one is more internationally because join dozens of international artists from Belgium, Sweden, France, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Senegal, Madagascar, Kenya, and so on) of music, theater, painting, cinema, literature and circus. Usually on Sundays, it is common to find many people playing soccer on the beach and jogging along the edge to keep their body healthy.