42 Local Tour Guides to show you around Paris

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42 Local Tour Guides in Paris
Why choose a local tour guide to discover Paris ?
  • Get off the beaten path
    Make lovely encounters and live
    genuine experiences with
    passionate Locals
  • Save time
    Feel at home from your arrival and
    connect straight away to the heart of the city.
  • Save money
    There are Local Tour Guides to suit all pockets.
    The price is per hour and valid
    whatever the number of people.
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Discover the city of Paris with a English-Speaking Local Tour Guide

Is it still necessary to present Paris, the capital of France, a world-renowned city symbolizing the French art of living? Every year, every day, thousands of tourists flock to Paris, coming from France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Japan, from all over the world in fact.

Once your journey is over, it's time to drop off your suitcases in a hotel room, a rented apartment or at the friends house ... And very quickly, not to miss anything of the city of lights, it will be the moment to start walking in Paris to discover all the secrets and unusual places of this" city museum ".

Top Things to Do and Best Places to Visit in Paris with a Local Private Guide

In Paris there are a thousand of Things to See and Do, a thousand of places to discover. You never stop to be amazed whether by the beauty of places as the majestic Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, the Musée d'Orsay and its collection of Impressionist paintings, the great Avenue des Champs-Élysées or the romantic quais of the river Seine or the elegance of the Luxembourg garden. Then by climbing the many steps of the Eiffel Tower you arrive at the observation point to discover a Paris unique, charming and majestic.

Of course the traditional Tour Guides will make you discover the classic part of Paris from historical monuments such as the “Arc de Triomphe” to symbolic places such as the “Place des Vosges”. But if you want to discover and live the Paris that every Parisian loves, the one you live every day, there is nothing better like sharing a time with a passionate Local Private Guide. The visit of Paris with a Local Tour Guide is the promise of discoveries and unforgettable encounters, this is the promise to know Paris like a Parisian, like a Local. On JohnnyBeGuide, Local Private Guides will offer you Unique Paris Tours.

Why to visit Paris with a Local Tour Guide, a Local Parisian Guide ?

Needless to lie, the clichés about Parisians bloom here and there in the minds of foreign tourists. If we readily recognize the elegance and the culture of a Parisian, no doubt that he is believed to be snobbish and always in a hurry! And yet many Parisians are now delighted to shake up these clichés by showing the most appreciable sides of their personality, their desire to show around Paris to new visitors, share their love of their city and their neighborhood ... and to become Local Tour Guides.

Although they will not fail to make you visit the emblematic places, the must-see sites of Paris, the Local Parisian Guides, will take you, for a day or more in the heart of Paris, letting you glimpse its secrets, those that are not in the Tour Guides. For example, you can go to the Parcs des Buttes Chaumont, take a stroll along the Canal St Martin, stroll around the Marais district and enjoy a delicious chocolate flavor at L'éclair de génie, share a good meal at the Marchés des Enfants des Rouges or have a drink at the bar Le Comptoir général]But beyond discovering the true Parisian life, you will meet charming personalities, ready to make you visit Paris in their own ways, unforgettable and so much more intense, eager to make you discover their city, its happiness, neighborhoods, shops and its inhabitants…

You will then ply, at your own pace, the different emblematic places of the capital, during the day and no doubt that as the sun will go down, you will sit at the terrace of a café, a glass of wine in hand, ready to enjoy the nightlife, as only Parisians know how to do.

At the end of your visit, probably you will have slipped a classic postcard into your bag, a key ring of the Eiffel Tower and you will have made a few clichés, as all the tourists in Paris do, but one thing is for sure, At the end of your visit with your Local Tour Guide, you will know Paris, as no tourist understands the Capital, and you will take with you, the memory of enchanted discoveries and the meeting of an unforgettable Parisian.