How to book your tour ?

Read these few lines to be sure to have the best experience with your Local Tour Guide.


- Create your Johnnybeguide's profile by clicking on the "Sign up / in" button on the homepage

- Choose the Local Tour Guide you like by browsing the local guides in the search engine.

- Contact the Local Guide directly through the JohnnyBeGuide instant messaging indicating your preferred date and time. 

- Discuss all the details: what you would like to do, the schedule of your tour, the meeting point...Everything is customizable!

- Once agreed you will receive from the Local Tour Guide a booking summary with all the details. 

- Check everything is fine and send your final confirmation to the Local Tour Guide. “Well done, your booking is confirmed!”

- Meet now the Local Tour Guide and enjoy your tour!

- Pay directly the Local Tour Guide according the mean of payment you agreed together (see "price & payment" section).

- Let a review to share with other travellers your experience.


You can contact different Local Tour Guides at the same time and choose afterwards the best you like. You need to know that all Local Tour Guides could not be available at your preferred date and time. So maximize your chance by contacting different ones.


Discuss and customize your tour with the Local Tour Guide through the instant messaging. Introduce yourself, ask the Local Tour Guide all the details you need and tell him what you would like to do. You can customize everything.


Make sure you agree everything with the Local Tour Guide before confirming your booking. The payment is done according to the own payment requirements of the Local Tour Guides but we recommend both to travellers and Local Tour Guides to make the payment directly when you meet. We will set up soon a secure online payment to facilitate the transactions.


Each Local Tour Guide decides for its own cancellation policy. If you need to cancel, make you sure you will did it on time and at the conditions you agreed with the local.

As the service is free without online payment and we need to guarantee a reliable and trustful service for both travellers and Local Tour Guides, we reserve the right to limit your access of our service if we notice too much last minute cancellations or no shows.