Toulouse, France
”Toulouse Through a Student's Eyes”
Toulouse, France
”Toulouse Through a Student's Eyes”
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Welcome to Toulouse, the Pink City! Join me as we explore this lively city full of history and culture, from the lesser-known but charming Place de la Trinité and Place du Salin to the historic Basilica of Notre Dame de la Daurade and the bustling Victor Hugo Market. We'll unwind at unique bars like Les Tricheurs, savour a coffee at Café La Fiancée, and marvel at the stunning art in Chapelle des Carmélites!
About me:
Hello! My name is Nicola - I'm originally from Scotland and first lived in Toulouse as an Erasmus student. I fell in love with the city and am now studying at UT1's law school as a Masters student. I'm enthusiastic and bubbly, always eager to explore new things. My hobbies include music, photography, and enjoying chocolatines (the Toulousian word for pain au chocolat!) and local wine!
Spoken languages:
English, French
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Culture & history
  • Food & drink
My special tours and activities:
Unveiling Toulouse's Sacred Past: A Walking Tour of Religious History
Welcome to Toulouse, the Pink City! Join me on a walking tour as we delve into the rich religious history of this vibrant city.

Basilica of Saint-Sernin

Start at one of Europe's largest Romanesque buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage site. I'll share stories about its construction, significance, and the relics of Saint Sernin.

Jacobins Convent

Visit this Gothic architectural gem and the final resting place of Saint Thomas Aquinas. We'll explore the cloisters and iconic palm tree columns while discussing the Dominican Order's influence.

Church of Notre-Dame du Taur

Learn about the fascinating legend linked to the martyrdom of Saint Saturnin and admire the church's unique architecture.

Saint-Etienne Cathedral

Discover the unique blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles and hear tales of its tumultuous construction and historical events.

Quick Stroll through Carmes District

Briefly explore the picturesque district, highlighting a few notable churches and chapels along the way.

We'll conclude our tour at a cosy local café where you can enjoy some lovely pastries and a cafe au lait, perfect for a quick refreshment and chat about Toulouse's religious heritage.
Toulouse: A Student-Approved Guide
Bienvenue à Toulouse, La Ville Rose! Join me on a one-hour walking tour where I'll show you the city through the eyes of a student, packed with insider tips on libraries, bars, and budget-friendly spots, along with a touch of history.

Université Toulouse 1 Capitole - Historical Overview

We’ll start at UT1’s law school, my home away from home. I’ll give you a quick tour of the historic buildings, sharing stories about the university’s rich history and its role in Toulouse's academic life.

Bibliothèque d'Étude et du Patrimoine

Next, we’ll head to this beautiful library, a favourite study spot for many students. I’ll show you around and explain why it’s perfect for hitting the books.

Pub Saint Pierre

Now, let’s check out one of the popular student bars. This place is great for unwinding after a day of classes, offering a lively atmosphere and affordable drinks.

Victor Hugo Market

A must-visit for anyone on a budget. I’ll show you where to find the best deals on fresh produce and delicious local snacks, including the famous chocolatines.

Café des Artistes

We’ll visit this charming café, a favourite among students for its cosy vibe and cheap, delicious coffee. It’s the perfect spot for a study break or a casual hangout.

Les Abattoirs Museum

We’ll end our tour with a quick stop at this contemporary art museum, which offers free entry for students on certain days. It’s a fantastic place to get some cultural enrichment without breaking the bank.

Throughout the tour, I’ll share additional tips on the best places to eat, study, and relax on a student budget in Toulouse. From secret study nooks to the best happy hour deals, you’ll get an insider’s look at student life in this vibrant city!
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