Barcelona, Spain
”Discover the best of Barcelona with a smile!!!”
Barcelona, Spain
”Discover the best of Barcelona with a smile!!!”
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I will show you:
You will enjoy cultural visits, gastronomic advices, historical tips and archaeological anecdotes. Explore different charming routes; from post-modernist theme to medieval and Roman.
About me:
Greetings my name is Esteban Medina originally from Venezuela, however; I considered myself a citizen of the world because I have lived in The United Stated, Spain, Uruguay and back in Spain again. Furthermore, I have travelled and visited many other countries.

My adventures as a world traveler have provided me with a unique way of experiencing life and the ability to create a philosophy wich integrates people and places as a whole. This approach has fed my curiosity to meet people from all over the world and be able to understand their cultures and way of thinking.
Spoken languages:
English, Spanish, French
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Culture & history
  • Art & Design
My special tours and activities:
Gothic Quarter legends
Discover the old city through insteresting stories and anecdotes.
We will dig up the misteries of the town using the local legends of the streets.

You will see the most famous spots from the quarter...Cathedrals, palaces, the jewish town...and some other not so known but also remarkable places.

We will travel from medieval times to XX Century, with a peak to Barcelona Roman past.
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