Marseille, France
”Make your trip unforgettable!”
Marseille, France
”Make your trip unforgettable!”
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When we travel we are very excited to visit new places and learn about culture to the fullest, Marseille is a beautiful city that has many places to discover and enjoy and what better idea to let you lend a hand and together discover the fun and unforgettable that can be your stay in this city. I am willing to accommodate your preferences and offer a long list of activities to do according to your tastes and the objectives of your trip. In general, I can offer you walking places in the city like a local through the main streets "the Panier, the Cours Julien, the Joliette" and the old port. Likewise, if you are interested in art and culture, we can discover a long list of museums such as: the MuCEM, the wasteland of the Belle of Mai, the Cantini Museum, the Museum of Fashion, the Natural History Museum.
It is also important to know the historical places of the city such as Notre Dame, the pharo, Longchamp park or the fort of San Nicolas. If you are willing to have a contact with nature we can go to my favorite place in Marseille, the calanques or the Friuli Islands, you will love it! In addition to this, we can also go shopping, go to the typical restaurants to delight with their gastronomy or discover the nightlife in the main night clubs.
About me:
I'm Ana Prada, I'm 22 years old and I'm a Colombian exchange student in France. I currently live in Marseille and little by little I discovered the secrets and wonders of this beautiful city. I am a fun, friendly person with the best attitude to help you enjoy your stay in Marseille to the fullest.(Languages: English, spanish and begginer in French)
Spoken languages:
English, Spanish, French
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Culture & history
  • Art & Design
  • Food & drink
  • Nightlife & music
  • Sport & Adventure
  • Fashion & Shopping
  • Workshops & Art crafts
  • Nature & Wellness
  • Language courses
  • Excursions & trips
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