Lyon, France
”Cool guide with good tips”
Lyon, France
”Cool guide with good tips”
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I will show you:
I focus my tour on Art, Crafts and culture, what I'm passioned about... Lyon is such a rich and diverse city. From silk to cinema and new forms of artistic expression such a VR, AR, I'll show you places like Musée Confluence, Mac museum ,the Lumière brothers area and Vieux Lyon... All those locations that makes this city so vibrant.
About me:
Born and raised in Rhône-Alpes. I love my region and I have lived in the three main cities: Annecy, Grenoble and Lyon. Just Started a Master degree in movies and new technologies. I would like share the story of my city through its history, mystery and attractions... I previously worked as a tour guide for the Chartreuse Cellar in Voiron, Rhône-Alpes
Spoken languages:
Types of activities:
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Culture & history
  • Art & Design
  • Workshops & Art crafts
  • Excursions & trips
My special tours and activities:
Arts and Craft
I show you studio workshop and gallery and connect you with craftsmen and artist to make your own masterpiece
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