Milan, Italy
”A real "Milan expert"!”
Milan, Italy
”A real "Milan expert"!”
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I will show you:
Most of the beautiful places in Milan are hidden around the city and not mentioned on tourist guides, that's why you need a "Milan expert" like me! I will show you all the most important spots in the city, describing their history and their importance and telling you many interesting facts.
About me:
Hello! I'm one of the few "real" Milanese left, I like to travel to discover new places and I love to share my knowledge about my city! I will show you many interesting places usually not mentioned on the tourist guide! Contact me for a real "local" experience!
Spoken languages:
English, Italian
Types of activities:
  • Sightseeing and Walks
My special tours and activities:
Step off the Tourist Track! Milan City Centre Tour
The best way to explore Milan is with a Milanese friend who knows the city and its secrets. Someone who can show you around and tell you why an anonymous corner is actually a very important part of the city’s history. Someone who knows where to find amazing hidden places. Someone who doesn’t stick to the typical tourist track and fall into the tourist traps. If you’re looking for a friend like this, then this tour is for you!

Would you like to visit a church completely covered in skulls and bones? To know where not to go if you want to avoid meeting some of Milan’s most famous ghosts? Maybe to discover a monument that will…offend you? And do you want to visit the Duomo and Sforza Castle, but learn facts and curiosities that you won’t find in any guidebooks? Well, this tour is definitely for you!

I’ll steer you off the typical tourist path and show you everything that’s worth seeing in the beautiful city centre. Join me for a great time!
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