Barcelona, Spain
”Tradition and New Trends”
Barcelona, Spain
”Tradition and New Trends”
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I will show you:
I offer guided tours of cultural and artistic nature, my passion and knowledge of the city will unveil stories and places known only by its inhabitants. My tours will take you back to the former splendor of the city during the Middle Ages or the period of 'La Renaixença'. I am particularly interested in the urban planning of Barcelona from the 16th century to our times.
About me:
I was born in Barcelona in 1990 and I am very passionate about art and history. I obtained a BA in Art History from the University of Barcelona which broadened my knowladge on my own city. I am currently working as an artist and I have exhibited a number of times, besides I hold a master's degree in Painting from the University of the Arts London.
Spoken languages:
English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Culture & history
  • Art & Design
  • Workshops & Art crafts
  • Language courses
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