Barcelona, Spain
”Welcome to Barcelona!”
Barcelona, Spain
”Welcome to Barcelona!”
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I will show you:
How I organize the guided tours?
First of all, I like receiving the travelers and visitors and doing a briefing of introduction where I present before myself and explain briefly Barcelona. Then we will visit the city on foot, without transport means, because it is the simplest way to enjoy the beauty of this city. We will look at the historical monuments of the city (Sacred Family, Park Güell, House Gaudí, House Batlló, the Stone quarry, etc. ) and the museums (Picasso, Miró, MNAC, etc. ). For Barcelona football club's fan and for all football's lovers, we will go to Camp Nou and to its museum, to the Olympic Stadium in Montjüic. We will do a route around Barceloneta and for the whole marine area and Port Vell. We will rest and eat to the Restaurant "Els 7 Ports" to enjoy a good Paella, a stained wineglass and to chat as if we were friends. We will do a route for The Boulevards and Mercat de La Boquería, which always offers local and fresh products. During the night we will go to enjoy the night life of the city, because it has much to offer to its visitors that come from over the world: bars where there is live jazz, rock, blues music, etc. We will go to visit the Magic Fountain, one of the main attractions of the city : you will be fascinated by the spectacle! Now I am not going to reveal anything, but can you imagine what could happen if music combined with the movement of the water?
Also, we will do a language course to learn the spanish language, organizing different lessons with multimedial support.
Finally, we could realize typical Italian pastries with our hands. Sponge cakes, meringue, pastas of tea, chocolate decorations, frozen desserts, birthday cakes, etc.
About me:
Hello! My name is Alessandra, I am Italian and I like travelling very much. I have a master's degree in Languages and Foreign Literatures. I speak 5 languages: Italian (my mother tongue), Spanish (my second language), English (I have an advanced level, a C1), French (good mastery of the language) and portuguese. I live in Barcelona: what a beautiful city!
I like cooking and especially I am excited in what concerns the world of the confectionery. That's the reason why I have the official certificate as confectioner obtained in Italy. I have worked like tourist guide and confectioner in Italy. I like listening to the music very much, reading books in all the languages that I know and seeing movies. I like reading historical novels and I realized my final career work on "The Cathedral of the Sea" written by the catalan author Ildefonso Falcones. I met him and he showed me all his gratitude for my deep interest in all his novels.
Spoken languages:
English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Culture & history
  • Food & drink
  • Nightlife & music
  • Language courses
  • Excursions & trips
My special tours and activities:
Introductive course to Italian pastries
Confectionery's workshop. We will prepare together one of the typical sweet masses in Italy: the pasta frolla. It is used to realize many pastries adding fresh fruit and confectioner's custard; Nutella; dried fruit and jam; cookies to accompany a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee.
We will enjoy this little world of Italy in the city of Barcelona.
I am waiting for you to share all this and much more!!
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