Paris, France
”Picture Perfect Paris!”
Paris, France
”Picture Perfect Paris!”
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Some of my favourite things to do in Paris are wandering around the charming streets and enjoying the beautiful architecture, parks, or bridges. I often find myself marvelling at the contrast between the quaint and quiet passageways versus the cacophony and chaos of a main thoroughfare during rush hour, or a pedestrian-packed shopping street on a Saturday afternoon. There is something for everyone here!

I love discovering new cafés or intriguing shops, enjoying a glass of wine on a terrasse while people-watching or maybe striking up a conversation with my fellow sippers. There are more than enough intriguing wine bars and speak-easy style cocktail bars to discover here, for those so inclined...some of which you may never find without a local guide since they are often well disguised.

The lure of live music is ever-present, whether it is a jazz cellar, a funk/soul jam session, an outdoor concert or a music festival. During the warm summer months, you can even picnic on the side of the Seine and take in some of this atmosphere for free while sipping your rosé. Or, if you are a Salséro, we can take in a little latin music and salsa dancing right on the bank of the far I have managed not to fall in! ;) Let me lead you to the soul of the city where the Parisians let their hair down and perhaps even introduce you to other locals.

Are you here for business? Would you like to make some new contacts? I can bring you to afterwork social events to help you grow your network. Or I can introduce you to some co-working cafés where you can pay by the hour rather than by the amount of caffeine you consume ;)

If you're here for the shopping, I can show you the streets with shops that are open on Sundays in Paris, stopping for coffee or nibbles along the way, or I can lead you to the local designers. I can even connect you with a cool Parisian stylist to help you perfect your Parisian allure and document the whole extravaganza in photos!

Keen to improve your English? Perfect! That's my first language! Let's discover the city and share fun stories about our life and travel adventures. Let's make great new stories together while we work out those bugs in your English grammar or add some cool new words to your vocabulary. Have you ever sat outside during a Paris thunderstorm drinking rosé and getting drenched head-to-toe by those warm summer rains while sharing some laughs with your fellow shelter-seekers? I have and it is one of my most hilarious Parisian moments and it's a memory of this city that my visiting friend will certainly never forget! We still laugh about!

If you have an interest in photography (or being photographed), I'm your guide. After 13 years as a professional commercial photographer, (plus 9 working in film and 4 studying art), I can help you to capture your Paris experience in photographic memories that even the humblest person would consider boast-worthy. Whether you are just looking for tips for photography combined with another activity or an experienced photographer to follow you to your chosen destinations and help you to capture them best, we can make it happen. Would you like a photo-journal of your day in Paris with me as the photographer, or perhaps a shoot to show off your new Parisian wardrobe against an inspiring Parisian backdrop? No problem! The possibilities are limitless! Let's chat!

Just need an orientation? No problem. Shoot me a message and we can get started.
About me:
Quick! Drop your bags and let's hit the town!

I can't wait to show you why I came to Paris for a solo holiday in 2013 and fell in love with it so much that I decided to make it my home!

I am a fun-loving and people-focused professional photographer from Canada who adores this vibrant metropolis and all it has to's amazing sights, sounds, smells, flavours, and of course it's non-stop bustle. In Paris you will find a plethora of things to do and new places to discover. You will be swept away by it all and charmed by its beautiful and friendly inhabitants...those born here and those who flocked here from all over the globe. I hope my passion for Paris will be contagious and that you will fall in love with it too!
Spoken languages:
English, French
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Food & drink
  • Nightlife & music
  • Fashion & Shopping
  • Workshops & Art crafts
  • Language courses
My special tours and activities:
SIP, BITE, JAZZ! Apéro, Dinner & Live Music in a Parisian jazz club
Let's create an unforgettable night of flavour and sound. We will first bless our taste buds with an apéro in a café, bistro or wine bar, then grab a tasty bite to eat. Some Parisian jazz clubs offer dinner during the show, so if that strikes your fancy, great! You may prefer to dine before the show at a different establishment....we will chat about your food and beverage preferences, as well as the sort of ambiance you like best, and I will propose some options. We will reserve for the music in advance and possibly for dinner as well as needed, but if you prefer to go with the flow for dinner, that is cool too. I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing some of Paris' finest culinary and auditory delights! Please note that my guide rate for this activity is 50 Euros per hour.
Photography: Finding the Light in the City of Lights!
Have you been wondering how to capture the sparkling spirit of a city at night with your camera? Paris is the perfect place for that! And I just love twilight and night's also when the Parisians are on the loose after work and filling the air with Oh-la-la's and a certain - how shall we say it - "veil" of cigarette smoke that does not necessarily please the lungs, but can indeed create a pleasing atmospheric element for certain photographic endeavours ;)

We may or may not experiment with this if we choose to pause for a coffee or an apéro during our excursion :)

A tripod is recommended, but if you don't have one, you may borrow mine or I can show you how to improvise.

If you're a morning person, that can work as well (although admittedly, I am not). Or if you are only available mid-day, I will help you explore where to find nice open shadow for portraits or how to look for nice contrast and strong shadows for interesting abstract photographic compositions. We will explore and have fun!

Alternately, I can teach you about flash photography using speedlights (such as your Canon or Nikon flash). I will provide light modifiers such as photo umbrellas or a beauty dish, but you should already have read the user manual for your devices...I will try my best to help you understand the uses of different settings, but I am not an expert with the operation of equipment that I do not own since each device has unique menus/functions and I cannot possibly have the time to learn them all ;)

For portrait photography lessons, please book in pairs or small groups so one of you may model while the other(s) shoot(s). The hourly fee remains the same...I do not charge extra for your model or if you are traveling with friends/family and you all want to learn. Please note that my guide rate for this activity is 50 Euros per hour.
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