Barcelona, Spain
”¡Barcelona with the five senses!”
Barcelona, Spain
”¡Barcelona with the five senses!”
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I will show you:
To welcome the city, we will meet in a nice cafe and make a short briefing. We will walk through the biggest and the narrowest streets, crossing by medieval bridges and churches. We will explore quirky corners and cosy squares, breathing in the parks along de way. We will enjoy buskers, murals, street art and we will fly through the most alternative side of Barcelona. Depending on the visitors decision, we will be more beach or mountain orientated. However, we will do both if they get excited!
About me:
I was born in Barcelona and, although I have travelled a lot, I am still in love of my city. I enjoy it's everyday colours and smells, ¡even when there are not as good!
Spoken languages:
English, Catalan, Spanish
Types of activities:
  • Arrival Welcome
  • Sightseeing and Walks
  • Art & Design
  • Nightlife & music
  • Fashion & Shopping
  • Workshops & Art crafts
  • Nature & Wellness
  • Language courses
My special tours and activities:
Salsa Cubana
After a brief intro to salsa cubana, we will go and dance all together!
Spanish for beginners
In an easy conversational way, we will learn the second oficial language of Barcelona, to be able to defend yourself during holidays!
We will be immerse into this lovely neighbourhood with a strong personality, independent and young.
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