Bordeaux, France
”Bordeaux: my little Paris”
Bordeaux, France
”Bordeaux: my little Paris”
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I will show you:
I would like to share with you the Bordeaux that conquered me and that I love on the daily life: its museums, its cultural life, its events and its gentle way of life through its restaurants, street cafés and its many shops.

I had the opportunity to attend two years in a row the visit of the city which takes place at least of October for the students of the campus of Bordeaux. I was able during this day to visit the main museums of Bordeaux as the museum of the Fine Arts(School of Fine Arts) and the museum of the Customs which aroused my interest. Besides, I was able to attend a concert of classical music in the Big theater, a very beautiful monument; I kept unforgettable memories and numerous photos of that day. I was also lucky enough(also had the opportunity) to go to the undergrournd of the fountain of the inhabitants of the Gironde (Girondins) located ont the "Place des Quinconces". But what impressed me most is the pink water in the fountains of Bordeaux in October to mobilize people for the fight against breast cancer.

Furthermore as a student of Bordeaux I also like to go shopping and I know well the stores of "souvenirs" of the city. I like also to go to the restaurants or chilling out in a tearoom or on a street café.

So, I will be pleased to share with you all these discoveries I made so that you can feel the everyday joys the city of Bordeaux has to offer you.
About me:
I have been living in Bordeaux for 4 years. Originally from Paris, I quickly adapted to life in this city and now I enjoy a lot its gentle way of life.
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English, French
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